Who we are



  • To improve the quality of life of the community of those most in need
  • To abandon all forms of harmful practices particularly FGM and to promote good traditional ones.
  • To promote gender equality and empowerment of women
  • To strengthen the participation and integration of immigrants and refugees in the Netherlands
  • To promote the building of bridges between Africa and the Netherlands


The Foundation Seeks To Achieve These Goals By

  • Setting up development basic programs for life at the community level such as building schools, health care centers, sanitation, clean water, and food security.
  • Fighting harmful practices e.g. FGM through prevention programs, law enforcement, provides medical and psychological care for women living with FGM.
  • Encouraging gender equality in social, economic and political areas by insisting women participate in all sectors.
  •  Strengthening the knowledge of immigrants and refugees in the Netherlands in terms of Dutch culture, policy, education, health, municipalities, and other structures within Dutch Society
  • Exchanging knowledge, experiences, good practices, and challenges through study tours, conferences nationally and internationally.
  • Involving media programs: internet, social media, radio, and TV programs.
  • Mobilizing financial and capacity-building support for partners on the ground.


Libin is dedicated to improving the lives of those who most needed in Africa through basic community development programs, helping, advocacy, lobbying, campaigns, capacity building.


Primary needs for all, gender Equality, free harmful practices, strengthening knowledge &capacity building in different level, continuity and sustainability